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This organization embarked on a community mobilization initiative in Nazir Colony in March 1997. The community predominantly consists of men who work as daly wage laborers, cart owners, and small shopkeepers, while women primarily engage in domestic activities. AIM’s team observed a lack of awareness regarding the importance of education among the community members. Through persistent interaction and motivation, the team was able to convince parents to send their children to school, even in the absence of resources like books, uniforms, or school fees.
Initially functioning as a primary school, the institution gradually evolved into a middle school, now accommodating students up to grade 8. Recognizing the significance of education, the local community took the initiative to raise funds locally when external funding became scarce, ensuring the smooth running of the school. AIM’s dedicated faculty not only supports students academically but also provides opportunities for recreational activities, including national day celebrations and participation in co-curricular programs.
The students enrolled in our school come from economically disadvantaged families residing in underprivileged areas near Ibn-e-Mariam. AIM’s mission is to provide these children with access to quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background. We firmly believe that education should not be denied to any child due to poverty, and we are dedicated to empowering these children with knowledge and opportunities for a better tomorrow.

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