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The Lady Health Visitor (LHV) 6-month training course for underprivileged girls is an initiative that began in 2003 and has completed 35 batches. This program aims to provide education and training to girls who are unable to afford college or university education.
The program is led by highly qualified teachers, including MBBS doctors and nurses, who provide comprehensive theoretical knowledge and practical skills to the students. After completing the six months of theory and passing an exam, students are allowed to gain hands-on experience by working at AIM’s medical facilities.
This practical exposure not only enhances their skills but also boosts their confidence and empowers them to enter the workforce. Upon completion of the program, the girls can choose to work at clinics or pursue further education in a related field
One of the major benefits of this program is its inclusiveness, as girls from all over Pakistan are welcomed. By providing equal educational opportunities to girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, the program actively contributes to gender empowerment and closing the gender gap in the healthcare sector.
Overall, the LHV training course plays a crucial role in empowering underprivileged girls by equipping them with essential skills, enhancing their employability, and enabling them to lead independent and successful lives.
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