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AIM, an organization working in slum urban and surrounding rural areas, is committed to participatory and sustainable development strategies. We have witnessed the impact of poor health facilities and lack of awareness in these communities, particularly regarding tuberculosis (TB). TB is a significant health issue, ranking second only to HIV/AIDS as the leading cause of death worldwide from a single infectious agent. In 2023, an estimated 10 million people fell ill with TB and 1.4 million died from the disease.

In 1999, AIM initiated efforts to combat TB. Our field workers collected data on existing TB patients and conducted surveys to identify those in need of treatment. We established a TB Health Centre in Faisalabad’s Barkat Pura area, providing free treatment to the local community and surrounding areas. Since its inception, the center has successfully cured over 40,000 TB-positive patients.

The need for this program arose from the community’s challenges, including high TB mortality rates among women, orphaned children, and impoverished families. To overcome barriers in seeking treatment, we work with local religious scholars to educate and encourage individuals to pursue proper healthcare despite cultural restrictions.


In addition to medication, our dedicated team conducts home visits, ensuring patients adhere to their prescribed treatment and schedule regular check-ups with doctors. We offer free TB tests at our center and follow the DOTS strategy for effective treatment. TB awareness campaigns are regularly carried out, including the celebration of TB Day, to emphasize the importance of early treatment.

In 2012, we established an affiliation with the Provincial Government to strengthen our fight against TB. Through this collaboration, we receive the necessary resources and support to continue our mission. Together with the government and our dedicated staff, led by Mr. Yousaf Sultan, we are making significant strides in the battle against TB and saving lives in Pakistan.

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