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In areas plagued by illiteracy, lack of awareness, and inadequate facilities, access to eye care remains a critical challenge for underprivileged communities. Faisalabad ,known as the Manchester of Pakistan for its textile industry, suffers from the absence of proper sewage systems, leading to various diseases that have engulfed population over time. Polluted water mixing with drinking water poses severe health risks upon contact with the human body, particularly affecting eye health. Issues like eye swelling, blindness, loss of sight, night blindness, reddish eyes, and vision problems have become pervasive in these backward regions.
Recognizing the urgent need for eye care, AIM (NGO) intervened by establishing a low-cost eye hospital. Despite skepticism, our dedicated efforts and unwavering commitment have made this project a remarkable achievement. Months of planning and resource mobilization, alongside the support and faith of our donors, have allowed us to equip the hospital with state-of-the-art facilities and specialized eye care instruments.

Under the banner of the EYE CARE FOUNDATION, we provide affordable eye care services to those in need, including the following:

– OPD: Treating refractive errors and other eye problems, with free medication provided.
– Provision of reading and vision glasses at a nominal cost.
– Cataract and Glaucoma surgeries.

AIM firmly believes in the development and well-being of individuals, and good health is crucial for a bright future. In addition to the eye care services, we run various health programs that offer free medical treatments to the impoverished. Our ECF facility operates in a dedicated building with qualified and experienced medical staff, ensuring hygiene standards and quality services. The hospital’s strategic location on Hilal Road allows easy access for target communities predominantly consisting of low-income individuals residing in nearby colonies and small living areas (muhallas).

To extend assistance to those in even remote areas, we organize medical camps every two months, providing free treatments and medicines. Currently, we operate solely on local fundraising activities and contributions, and our dedicated eye surgeon conducts affordable surgeries every week.


With the sole goal of restoring sight and promoting a healthy future, AIM strives to support underprivileged communities. We envision a future where everyone can enjoy the gift of healthy vision.

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