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The Child and Mother Care Project, initiated in 2012, has proven to be an essential healthcare facility in addressing the pressing issues surrounding the well-being of mothers and children in Pakistan. With over 6,000 patients served and 1,500 safe deliveries conducted, the project has made a significant impact. This low-cost facility ensures that mothers and children receive the best possible treatment and care.

In Pakistan, maternal and child health indicators highlight the need for improved healthcare services. The country continues to face challenges, including a high number of deaths during childbirth, stillbirths, and infant mortality rates. Moreover, there is a lack of awareness around family planning and related issues.

The project addresses these issues by not only providing necessary medical care but by also conducting awareness sessions for women. These sessions create awareness about family planning methods and other critical aspects of women’s health. The project also employs highly qualified surgeons who are capable of performing both C-sections and normal deliveries.

In the locality, the Child and Mother Care facility stands out due to its affordability, as healthcare services are often expensive elsewhere. Moreover, the project operates a monthly quota where patients with extremely poor financial conditions receive free treatment and care.

Through its efforts, the project is committed to reducing maternal and child mortality rates, improving access to healthcare, and increasing awareness about family planning. By providing quality healthcare services at an affordable cost, the project plays a crucial role in safeguarding the health and well-being of both mothers and children in the local community.
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